• The chalet has a ski room for trimming, waxing and storage!

  • Chalet Altenmarkt

  • Ski slopes

  • Zauchensee is surrounded by a beautiful natural area


Terms and Conditions

1. Reservation

Every reservation is confirmed by us by means of a reservation confirmation/reservation invoice. 
The booker is obliged to verify the contents of the reservation confirmation on accuracy.
2. Arrival and departure times
The length of stay is noted in terms of days. On the date of arrival, the accommodation is available from 16:00 hours (3 p.m.). The accommodation should be vacated and left in a tidy state by 10:00 hours (10 a.m.) on the date of departure.
3. Occupancy
Under no circumstances is it permitted that the accommodation is occupied by more than the reserved number of guests as noted on the reservation confirmation that you have received from us. In the event that this number is exceeded, we will be obliged to deny people access.
4. Payment
The booker will receive the reservation confirmation/reservation invoice, within two weeks after the reservation is made.
Within 10 days after receipt of the invoice, a deposit of 50% of the total invoice amount is due to be paid.
The residual amount must be paid into the account of the lessor no later than 6 weeks before the reserved departure date. All reservations made within these 6 weeks require full payment at once.
When booking at short notice, i.e. 6 weeks or sooner prior to the start of the rental period, direct payment of the total invoice amount is required either by phone banking, express banking (giro), or priority internet (tele)banking. If payment is not made within the specified period, the reservation will automatically be cancelled and the booker will have no rights to use the previously reserved accommodation.
5. Insurances
It is mandatory for the booker to arrange travel insurance for him or herself and all travel companions who are staying at the accommodation. Please also be aware of winter sports coverage. We recommend you also take out an annulment insurance policy. The cancellation policy can be read in article 6.
6. Cancellation by lessee
All cancellations should be given to the lessor by telephone and directly afterwards be confirmed in writing. Within 1 working day after receipt of the written cancellation, the lessor will send a confirmation of cancellation/cancellation invoice.
For cancellations up until 12 weeks prior the arrival date of the rental period, a charge of 30% of the total invoice amount is applicable, plus a €10 administration fee.
For cancellations up until 8 or more weeks prior the arrival date of the rental period, a charge of 60% of the total invoice amount is applicable, plus a €10 administration fee.
For cancellations within 6 weeks prior the arrival date of the rental period, payment of the full invoice amount is applicable.
All previously paid moneys will be offset and settled directly in accordance with the cancellation agreement and cancellation invoice.
7. Cancellation by lessor
In circumstances where the lessor is forced to cancel the already reserved accommodation, the lessor will notify the lessee directly and, if at all possible, will offer a viable alternative. If the lessee does not accept this alternative, or no alternative can be offered by the lessor, then the lessor will immediately refund the entire amount paid by the lessee by bank transfer. The lessee has other rights than to claim reimbursement of the paid amount.
In case of cancellation within 8 days before commencement of the rental period by the lessor, the lessee is entitled to a compensatory amount of €115 per reserved floor, in the event no other alternative can be offered or the lessee does not accept the alternative offered. 
Excluded from article 7.2 are all short-term bookings, i.e. reservations made within 6 weeks or sooner before commencement of the rental period. 
8. Liability
During your stay as lessee in the holiday accommodation, you are fully responsible and liable for the rented property, the furniture and fittings and all other items which belong to the property, and shall pay for any damages incurred, by you and/or by any of your travel companions, immediately and directly to the lessor. The lessor has the right to hold the lessee responsible in the event that the caused damage has not, or not adequately, been settled, or the costs payable on location were not (fully) paid by the lessee. All related (collection) costs will be borne entirely by the lessee mentioned on the reservation confirmation. 
The provided and/or present house rules of the accommodation are inextricably part of the rental agreement and should therefore be strictly adhered to. Lessor cannot accept any liability for loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind whatsoever, suffered or caused by the lessees of the accommodation. Obvious mistakes or errors in the description or prices of the offered property are not binding for the lessor.
Lessor cannot accept any liability for damages caused by natural forces, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, strikes, acts of violence and coming into contact with an aircraft or any parts thereof. 
9. Special requests
Special requests will be met wherever possible, without there being any rights for financial compensation should they not be able to be reached.
10. Non-smoking accommodation
The accommodation is entirely non-smoking.
11. Pets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Pets not allowed.